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and design

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
MEP design
Building Information Modelling
MEP concept

Our services

Integrated MEP design
for buildings and infrastructures
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Water supply and sewerage
Heat, gas and cooling
Power supply and lighting
Automation and controls, BMS
Low-voltage and security systems
Fire protection systems
Value engineering
and feasibility studies
Project cost analysis and budget optimisation
Comparisons of technical solutions and system parameters options
Selection of high-end technologies together with leading equipment manufacturers
Preparation of documentation for project funding
Investment feasibility studies for private and public investors
MEP concept
Selection of the operating modes, systems prototyping, engineering calculations
Site risk analysis and permit management
Solutions building code compliance verification
Integration of MEP systems and BIM coordination
Preparation of integrated design specifications and briefs
Development of virtual BIModels of systems
Simulations and optimisation of operating modes
Preparation of procurement documentation, specifications and cost estimates
Optimisation of designed solutions, design revisions and BIM modelling
Detailing, development of the working and as-built documentation
Laser scanning and as-built BIM modelling
Designer and technical supervision, design expertise
MEP project
Technical employer role
Appointed design team mobilisation and management
Development of internal standards and employer requirements
Implementation of BIM technologies in the client’s organisation
Design localisation to national standards and building codes

The way we work

Team mobilisation and planning
To identify challenges and reduce risks our delivery team collaborates to plan Your project.
Design brief development
Engaging our client we are preparing the bespoke design brief. Our cross-functional team will never miss a requirement or feature.
Concept development
Design brief informs the development of a virtual prototype of the systems. We are providing You with the possibility to tangibly evaluate the design and improve it.
Staged delivery
We are constantly developing and detailing systems models. Receiving Client’s feedback during demo sessions delivery team improves it’s work and increases delivery speed.
Support and consulting
Completing the development we continue to support Your project through technical consulting and information management.

Our fields of activities

Residential buildings
Office buildings
Shopping centres
Industrial complexes
Logistics parks
Bridges and interchanges

BIM Building Information Modeling

Igor Adlersberg
Arhis MEP BIM director
A look into the British construction industry reveals an intriguing contrast. When you purchase a new car, you anticipate it being manufactured in a top-notch facility, adhering to rigorous quality and reliability standards. Unfortunately, the scenario takes a markedly different turn in the construction realm.
Our company's growth and service enhancements revolve around harnessing information management technologies. We firmly believe that simply implementing BIM without enhancing our managerial approach would amount to automating chaos. We possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges the construction industry grapples with, allowing us to demonstrate the utility and benefits of BIM. This knowledge is deeply rooted in our extensive experience designing, constructing, and managing real estate assets.
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Why BIM?

Faster project delivery
The visual clarity provided by 3D models makes it possible to quickly assess and adopt optimal technical solutions, reducing the time for approval and implementation of the project as a whole.
Engineering systems integration
The simultaneous development and involvement of different engineering specialists makes it possible to integrate individual systems into a comprehensive set of the technical infrastructure of the building. The mutual compatibility of the systems and the low number of adjustments during development ensure the quality of the design.
Architectural design improvement
3D prototyping and federated models make it possible to find critical limitations in architectural and structural design solutions that increase the cost of the project.
Constant information flow
Information gaps occur when the project transitions into a new phase and leading party changes. It involves the loss of engineering solutions and the reasoning behind choosing them. Our approach ensures that this does not happen.
Cost transparency
BIM technologies make it possible to optimise costs by basing the calculations on the exact quantities. Exact and exhaustive quantities during cost estimation eliminate the risk of personal interpretation, excessive reserves and unjustified costs. Our services enable evidence-based financial planning, as well as the modelling and simulations of various project implementation scenarios.
Digital twin
The information model of a building is a digital asset and service manual with all information about the designed and installed systems and their components. The database includes the technical data of the components, their warranty periods, maintenance records and the overall state of the systems. This information is crucial for maintaining, rebuilding or selling the building.

BIM modelling made even clearer

The video is just 1 minute long
Would you like to avoid excess construction costs?

Our team

MSc Power Engineering
Technical management
Construction expertise
MSc BIM Management
Information management and BIM delivery
BSc Heat, Gas and Water Technologies
HVAC design management
MSc Business Management
Integrated projects coordination
Our services revolve around the strategic application of VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) technology.
We assure you top-notch quality, achieved through the seamless collaboration of our various disciplines.
Entering the project
at any time
We can begin our work on a project at any time, even if no initial data is available, or scope of works is undefined. The project preparation stage enables the key decisions, which is why involving our team early ensures the quality and speed of your project.
Integrating MEP systems and working with them in an all-inclusive manner is impossible without professional design management. Our MEP design lead manages the simultaneous development of separate disciplines.
language skills
The efficiency of communication depends on the chosen communication approach. In addition to other means of communication, our team is professionally qualified in using English, Russian and Latvian.
Our team’s international portfolio
Rail Baltica - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
Reconstruction of border crossing points - Armenia
Optimisation of the Czech Railway lines - Czech Republic
Ekgarden apartments - Ekgårdsvägen, Sweden
Trollhattan apartments, Sköndal apartments - Sweden
Farmaceutical manufacturing - Scotland, UK
Ophthalmic clinic Vårda Kammakargatan 7 - Stockholm, Sweden
4 aquaparks, 8-20 ha each - Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan
And other projects in various countries
Our values
Our work is based on information management technologies
We're constantly enhancing our management and engineering techniques with the AGILE philosophy.
Cooperation with You is more important to us than the terms of the contract
We are always open to changes if it will bring value to your project
People and interactions are more important than tools and processes
Our methods
Thorough Client’s requirements analysis and management
Design options evaluation to support decision-making
Pair BIM design and modelling
Integrated MEP systems coordination with architectural, structural and technological design
Evaluation of the energy efficiency, functionality, and sustainability of solutions
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